Our development

Performance Technologies: 2009

2009 - Foundation of Performance Technologies, Belgrade

At Performance Media, we have foreseen at an early stage that one day, media technology would become a key competitive advantage in the whole media business. Due to a small nucleus of a team in Belgrade, and due to personal contacts, the decision to build a strong development unit in Serbia was made.

Performance Technologies: 2010

2010 - Enlarging the Belgrade development team by a design department

Next to the strong growth in the core business we also opened up a small design department after one year. The team started to support our customers with “last minute” changes in designs.

Performance Technologies: 2012

2012 – Moving to new office

Due to the overwhelming success of Performance Media in Germany and, hence, the increasing demand for our media technology, our staff number in Belgrade also increased strongly. Also our creations department grew as we more actively offered our clients to help them with high quality online creations. To cope with the growth, and also to prepare for further growth, we moved into a premium Business Center building right in the heart of Belgrade.

Performance Technologies: 2013

2013 - Ongoing growth

With more than 40 employees, we are still striving for further growth to cover the growing demand for media technology and creative services.

Performance Technologies: 2016

2016 – State today

Today we can call almost 50 colleagues part of our team. This has led to an expansion of our office space. We are now on the 5th and 7th floor of the B2 building, having one of the most beautiful views from our penthouse office space. The success story ain´t over!